In case you are new to the world of website building, you have probably checked many paid and free web hosting websites. However, this doesn’t mean that you have already made a decision. In fact, most newbie users are confused when they have to make this move. Obviously, using something that requires zero investment is a tempting idea.

One of the best things about free web hosting is the fact that it is free. In other words, you can upload your website and publish it without paying anything. In this way, people can learn how to use FTP, upload files, handle file management and few other things that represent basic elements of web hosting. Additionally, people can use their free web hosting service right away. There are no special procedures and processes involved in this process. But, just like other freebies, free web hosting comes with certain disadvantages too.

Saving money on hosting is always a huge benefit for every person who wants to invest money in something more useful and more productive. But, the cost of hosting should not be the only factor when people are determining whether they should use free or paid hosting. There are some disadvantages and drawbacks that can definitely affect your final decision.

For instance, one of the biggest problems with this kind of hosting is the fact that it is usually burdened with ads. Due to the fact that hosting providers are offering this solution for free, they need to look for other forms of financing. In most cases, they are using advertisements to cover their costs. To put it simply, when they use their solutions, you will have to agree to display some of their ads on your website free of charge. Keep in mind that sometimes these ads come in the form of pop-ups and pop-under ads.

Furthermore, you should not forget the bandwidth size and the uptime guaranteed by the provider. In most cases, these two parameters are incomparable to the ones offered by paid web hosting solutions. Even if the website is up, no one guarantees that your website will be able to load the pages quickly. Finally, there is usually no customer support involved and you can only use a few simple features.

If you want to create a professional looking website with an excellent uptime and great reliability, you should look for paid web hosting.


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